Sam Coodley Independent Filmmaker

My name is Sam Coodley. I’m a freelance videographer who strives to make videos that  emphasize important social and ecological issues. A little over two years out of my undergraduate degree in Film Theory & Production, I’ve created enough videos that I thought it was time to create a hub to showcase the work that I’ve completed.

As you can see I have divided these videos into different sections: Promotional, Narratives, Documentary, Editing and Commercial. I can imagine that for some these categories may seem arbitrary; most documentaries do contain a narrative, and commercial and promotional can easily intertwine. These headings may change as my portfolio broadens. For now they are useful tabs to differentiate between videos that have different aims.

Promotional – Videos that were explicitly made to highlight organizations. In each case I was brought on to help these groups make a video that would promote their business/mission/event.

Narratives – These videos were made for the sake of making short films. Narratives may be clear or implied, and some were done as student projects. Many were highly experimental but all share a purpose of creating art and telling a story.

Documentary – Videos that present a factual record of people, places, and events.

Editing – For these videos I was brought on to edit footage that had already been shot.

Commercial – Teasers & trailers for longer videos, as well as videos meant for crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter.

The primary purpose of this blog will be to provide updates on shoots, videos in production, and completed films. As I am a frequent sharer of work that my friends are engaged in, and also like sharing important news stories that may not be covered by the mainstream media, I reserve the right to post these stories as well. After all, what better purpose do online videos serve than to inform us of issues on the margins? A desert river does not have a PR agent to publish press releases. Undocumented workers have few avenues of illuminating their struggles. These stories still deserve to be told and by sharing them we can increase the awareness of these subjects to our friends and the public at large.

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